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Poltavskiy Aleksandr Vasil'evich, doctor of technical sciences, leading researcher, Institute of management problems of Russian Academy of Sciences named after V. A. Trapeznikov (117997, 65 Profsoyuznaya street, Moscow, Russia),
Zhumabaeva Asel' Sagnaevna, senior lecturer, sub-department of space engineering and technology, Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilyov (010000, 2 Satpaeva street, Astana, Kazahstan),
Bikeev Rinat Ravkhatovich, lecturer, sub-department of air navigation and combat employment of the aviation, Military Institute of the Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after T. Ya. Begel'dinov (463024, 16 A. Moldagulovoy avenue, Aktobe, Kazakhstan),

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It is shown that much attention in armies of many countries of the world is paid to fighting complexes with the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Their main destination in sea aircraft – coastal launchers were found, to form targeting to shock planes and helicopters, to carry out correction of fire of ship artillery, and also search sea min. Level and a condition of development of pilotless aircraft is given in system of arms of the leading countries of the world. The analysis of fighting use of aircraft is provided in the local conflicts. High efficiency of the pilotless scout planes and prospecting and shock BLA providing command of data on objects of the opponent in real time is shown. The analysis of modern developments and tests is provided in fighting conditions (in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan) by BLA. Advantage of BLA having radar stations with the synthesized antenna aperture is shown. The concept a complex with BLA – KBLA as set of the unmanned aerial vehicles interconnected in uniform functional system and land technical means providing fighting application of BLA in air and technical operation them on the earth is entered. The main data on standard complexes of unmanned aerial vehicles are provided, the analysis of their application is given. The standard structure of modern KBLA and the program of creation of multipurpose KBLA is given in the USA and countries of Western Europe. The reasons of insufficiently priority approach of countries of Western Europe to a question of creation of BLA with fighting loading onboard are specified.

Key words

UAV complex, composition, weaponry, precision weopon.

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